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GraceDecorConsultants.Com - North Richlands Hills, Texas
Cheryl Neumann
8416 Havenwood Drive
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
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    Grace Decor Consultants



    Real Estate Staging

    Whether the real estate market is booming or slow, extra effort is needed to attract as many potential buyers as possible.  I will help you gain that extra edge by Staging your home to maximize its assets.

    Initial Consultation

    Together, we will walk through both the inside and outside of your home. With a “buyers” eye, I will suggest changes, playing up the strengths and downplaying the potential problem areas. After taking notes and pictures, I will follow up with a written report of our discussion outlining the goals and time frame for completion. This report will provide the necessary information for those “Do It Yourselfers” and those that will prepare the home for more comprehensive staging services. 

    Consultation Fee:  $125.00 (fee applied toward Staging Services)

     Real Estate Staging Services

    We will complete all the necessary work based on your needs and budget. You decide how much or how little. Choose from several options.

    Service Fee:  $200-$500

    Prep Service:

    I will help you de-clutter, de-personalize, pack, organize, consolidate and clean.

    Staged to Sell:

    Using items you already own, and/or accessories from our inventory we will rearrange furniture, dress up your rooms, place artwork and accessories.

    Whatever It Takes:

    I will oversee painting, landscaping services or anything else necessary to prepare your home for sale.

     Vacant Home Staging Services

    Historically, vacant homes take longer to sell since potential buyers have a difficult time visualizing their furnishing and accessories in that space. Choose from two options.

    Service Fee:  Proposal provided after consultation


    I will accessorize just the high impact areas such as entryway, family room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

    Full Effects:  Accessorizing key areas of the home as above as well as adding furniture rental* services for all areas needed.

     *Furniture rental additional cost

    Interior Redesign

    Different that Staging, Interior Redesign also known as One Day Decorating, Room Makeovers, Redecorating, Home Styling, and Interior Arranging enhances the home you live in. Using standard design concepts, this affordable service will use your own furnishings and accessories to transform your space to one that is not only beautiful and comfortable but functional as well. Don’t struggle any more trying to fix your decorating dilemma.  Our professional arrangement techniques will solve most problems instantly leaving you amazed and thrilled – guaranteed!

     Initial Consultation

    Together we will discuss the space you are considering for the redesign. With the room or area in mind, I will ask many questions to help me understand your needs and the needs of your family.  This will ensure that we are “on the same page” with the redesign goals. I will follow up with a written summary of goals discussed and timeframe for completing the service.

    Service Fee: Gratis

    Interior Redesign Services

    On day of the redesign we will review the goals based on the initial consultation. After review the transformation begins with rearranging furniture, artwork and placement of the accessories.

    Service Fee:  $200.00 - $500.00

    Additional Services

    Move In/Combined Families

    Not sure where to place your furnishings and accessories in your new home? Or maybe you just combined two homes into one?  Let me save you the time and stress of setting up your home. This is a perfect solution for busy families, corporate executives, or busy road warriors. Using the same concepts as Interior Redesign, I will place your furniture, artwork and accessories creating a look you will love.

    Service Fee:  $200.00 - $500.00


    There may be many reasons why you are downsizing your home; grown children, retirement, or maybe you are just tired of mowing that big lawn.  It is quite likely you will not be able to bring all your belongings to your new but smaller home. Grace Décor Consultants provides a wide arrange of services to help you and/or your loved ones move to a new home.

    Service Fee:  Proposal provided after initial consultation

    Shopping Services

    Whether you need new items for the Staging of your home, or maybe a few new accessories to complete your newly Redesigned home, don’t worry about spending too much money.  I know where all the best “upscale” bargain stores are.  Let me run around to find you the best deals within your budget.

    Service Fee:  $35.00 an hour plus cost of items


    Clutter and disorganization are stressful.  Let Grace Décor Consultants be your solution to those disorganized kitchens and pantries, cluttered closets, and messy laundry rooms. No area is off limits. Together we will work to sort out the “stuff”.  Then I will work my organizational magic to tame those spaces.

    Service Fee:  $35.00 an hour plus cost of items


    Please ask me about my preferred rates and other special discounts.

    Gift Certificates Available

    A Gift Certificate from Grace Décor Consultants will be truly appreciated.  Selling homes, moving to new homes, or just wanting to decorate, a gift certificate from Grace Décor Consultants will help your friends or family sell, settle in or just enjoy living in!  Or consider what a wonderful gift for those celebrating a Wedding or Anniversary celebration? What better way to send your loving message on how much you care

    Grace Decor Consultants

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