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Interview by Interior Decoration Website

Fengshui and interior decorating often goes hand in hand. This week, Interior Decora is proud to interview one of the leading Fengshui Consultant in Singapore, Master. Master is the principal consultant of Fengshui Forward.

Q: There is a popular saying that the shoe racks or any other forms of clutter, should never be on the right side of the entrance to the door. Is that true?

A: This is one of the most regularly perpetuated myths in Fengshui. Clutter to either side of the entrance to the door is bad and worst if it is smacked in the center of the entrance. This is because Fengshui emphasises on Qi flow. Any form of clutter is bad, be it on the left, right or center as it blocks the Qi flow.

Q: What type of colours do you usually advocate for Fengshui clients to paint their house in?

A: There is no universal colours that are best for every house and every occupants. Generally for Living Room, we prefer brighter colours than bedrooms. That is because Living Rooms are generally a place of activity and we use Yang (bright) colours while bedrooms are place for sleeping and hence we use Yin (dark) colours. I will then use Fengshui formulas to fine tune the colour selection further. Aesthetically, the colour combination has to also be pleasing to the eye and professionals in your line comes in.

Q: Should a house be decorated in a way such that it is always brightly litted?

A: Too dark a house is too Yin from a Fengshui perspective and gives rise to effects like hallucinations. However, Yin and Yang should be balanced so I would not advocate placing more emphasis on brightness.

 Q: Which part of the house should I place my fish tank?

A: As a general guide from now till end of year 2023, the southwest sector of your house may be a viable choice for you to consider putting your fish tank. However, there may be exceptions from house to house, for example southwest corner may be the sector of the house that is in the bedroom or it may happen to be a negative sector.
Q: I like a kitchen that is minimalist and contemporary. Do you have an advice for me how to design my kitchen in such way that it follows this theme and yet brings good Fengshui effects?

A:Avoid having the stove in the center of the house even if you do not cook. It should not be situated at a windy area to minimise the risk of fire hazards. Do not place the stove closer than 3 feet to either the refrigerator or the sink.

Q: Is it necessary to erect Chinese symbolic ornaments or paintings to get good Fengshui for my house?

A: A good Fengshui setup can be achieved by mainly using discreet items like mirrors, clocks, pots, plants and wind chimes. However, the discretion is left to the client if they want to use ornaments to enhance it further.

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Interview by Interior Decoration Website
Fengshui and interior decorating often goes hand in hand. This week, Interior Decora is proud to interview one of the leading Fengshui Consultant in Singapore, Master. ...

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