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Rediscovered Rooms
Rediscovered Rooms
We Provide Residential Interior Design & Home Styling services for Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas.
8972 Cedar Grove Rd.
Cross Plains, TN 37049

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  • Rediscovered Rooms
    Scarlet Designs
    Staging - Interior Design - Remodel - Personal Shopper
    Remodel-As a Project Manager and Interior Decorator, you will find working with my company a breeze. We handle all of the designing and remodeling aspects of your project. Full Service Decorating-Consultations, Design Boards and Real Estate Staging. Trade-Only Discount passed on to you!
    106 Creek Trail Ct.
    Goodlettsville, TN 37072
    Staging - Interior Design - Remodel - Personal Shopper
    Accentuate...Designer Decor in a Day
    Redesign...Using your existing or new furnishings
    SERVING THE MIS-SOUTH...TENNESSEE, MISSISSIPPI, AND ARKANSAS We at Accentuate can show you all the ingredients that are necessary for a well designed space that exists in your home or business. You can have a beautiful professional design that's easy on the wallet in just one day. We can also help you shop to create your own personal designer decor. Accentuate...Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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  • Home Staging
  • Redesign...Using your existing or new furnishings
    For Sale to Sold with Staging Home Design
    STAGING HOME DESIGN is your one stop resource for interior decorating services. Servicing the greater Knoxville area. Call STAGING HOME DESIGN today!

  • About Us
  • For Sale to Sold with Staging Home Design
    Home Stager Gals,LLC
    Home Staging & Decorating
    Are you in the Memphis Metro area & trying to sell your house? Home Stager Gals can get your home SHOW READY! Presentation is everything when selling a home! Buyers want the home to be turn key. They are looking for a house that says...Home at last! What does your home say to a buyer?
    Home Staging & Decorating
    Flatley, McCullough and Boyle
    Randall Balistreri
    Interior Decorator
    3055 Senger Plaza
    Angelocester, TN 11033-7726
    Pfannerstill, Prosacco and Kohler
    Susie Corwin
    Interior Decorator
    6875 Cartwright Knolls
    Aleenview, TN 84869-5689
    Keeling Inc
    Elias Kihn
    Interior Decorator
    359 Kyra Passage
    Lakincester, TN 77754-6447
    Wiza Group
    Guy Lakin
    Interior Decorator
    37644 Treutel Terrace
    North Flossietown, TN 83726-7691
    Kihn, Bashirian and Pacocha
    Easton Labadie
    Interior Decorator
    1710 Towne Throughway
    South Lutherboro, TN 75369
    Mraz, Rutherford and Jones
    Selina Dibbert
    Interior Decorator
    469 Mckenna Point
    Port Franz, TN 11403
    Towne LLC
    Cristobal Stiedemann
    Interior Decorator
    224 Vivianne Coves
    Schaeferville, TN 14188
    Steuber and Sons
    Alisha Mueller
    Interior Decorator
    1670 Lehner Mission
    Lucienneport, TN 46817-3090
    Schulist and Sons
    Rupert Steuber
    Interior Decorator
    0931 Aidan Flats
    Lake Ernafurt, TN 96835-8348
    Shea-Noel Interiors, Inc.
    Shandra Blackwell, ASID, IIDA
    Interior Decorator

    Memphis, TN
    Coldwell Banker Barnes
    Welcome To Nashville Tennessee
    "True success is finding good work that allows you to develop your God-given talents and serve others." Decorating your house to sell, also called Home Staging or House Fluffing, will help you sell in record time and get top dollar for your home.
    114 Cool Springs Blvd
    Franklin, TN 37067

  • About Us
  • Welcome To Nashville Tennessee
    Glynis Maruk Interiors
    Glynis Maruk Interiors
    Interior redesign is a fresh new concept specializing in the artful placement of home furnishings and accessories in just one day! Glynis Maruk Interiors focuses on the use of existing furnishings, art and accessories, and can give you a more functional and organized room. By applying the principles of traditional design, redesign and also borrowing from the ancient Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui, beauty, balance and harmony reign.
    621 Gibbs Rd.
    Nashville, TN 37214

  • Services & Rates
  • Padberg, Schaefer and Kunze
    Gaylord White
    Interior Decorator
    4450 Mervin Crossing
    O'Keefebury, TN 12206
    Beatty Group
    Juston Johns
    Interior Decorator
    108 Hobart Station
    Ziemebury, TN 10505
    Cormier LLC
    Emerson Nolan
    Interior Decorator
    147 Bradtke Haven
    Conniehaven, TN 29860-9034
    D2M Interior
    Deepika Mohan
    Interior Decorator
    Plot No. 48, S1, Second Floor, Sri Hari Flat, Venkateshwara Nagar, Pallikaranai
    Chennai, TN 37011
    Barrows and Sons
    Blair Murray
    Interior Decorator
    169 Harris Loop
    Rockville, TN 87684-4816
    Daniel, Simonis and Denesik
    Harmony Kihn
    Interior Decorator
    782 Maybell Branch
    Hillsview, TN 31958
    Mobile Blind & Drapery Clean
    Sal DiBenedetto
    Interior Decorator
    1566 Latimer Ln.
    Hendersonville, TN 37075
    Alluring Elements Of De'cor
    Ann Jackson
    Interior Decorator
    1008 Kirkwood Ave
    Nashville, TN 37204
    Ann Jackson
    Another Angle Decor
    Interior Redesign
    The Specialists in One Day Decorating for those on a budget. Our motto is, "Use What You've Got!" For projects large or small, GIVE US A CALL! 901-867-8610 * Decorate * Redecorate * Furniture Placement * * Color Consultation * Home Staging * Shopping *
    11225 Ewe Turn Dr.
    Arlington, TN 38002
    Sipes - Kirlin
    Miller Boyer
    Interior Decorator
    06134 Christopher Ranch
    Eugeneburgh, TN 09470
    Wiza, Dibbert and Konopelski
    Green Franey
    Interior Decorator
    98553 Bogan Land
    East Nola, TN 38329-9467
    O'Conner - Hessel
    Alan Wintheiser
    Interior Decorator
    8722 Emmerich Drives
    Bayerhaven, TN 00089
    Beer, Langworth and Barrows
    Austyn Roob
    Interior Decorator
    25614 Libby Greens
    North Murieltown, TN 54519
    Just A Decorator
    Jackie Glisson
    interior decorator offering complete interior decorating services. With clients from coast to coast, Jackie Glisson is known for his ability to work in a variety of styles, taking on projects of any size and completing them on time within a range of budgets.
    5681 Rich Road
    Memphis, TN 38120

  • About Jackie
  • Jackie Glisson
    Bradtke, Haley and Hudson
    Zaria Anderson
    Interior Decorator
    7894 Hermiston Pike
    Jacobsland, TN 41948-6249
    Reinger - Hartmann
    Wilma Hartmann
    Interior Decorator
    76500 Aileen Creek
    Burniceborough, TN 50486-9822
    Rowe - Bayer
    Jazmyn Sipes
    Interior Decorator
    5365 Stoltenberg Prairie
    North Bernita, TN 36897-1155
    BELLA design
    Residential Interior Design
    Specializing in affordable design for the homeowner. We help owners of new homes settle into their house and give it a personality, staging for homeowners selling their homes, and holiday decorating.
    803 Cedar Knob
    Nashville, TN 37221
    Residential Interior Design
    Hermann - Bernier
    Humberto Morissette
    Interior Decorator
    85760 Purdy Point
    Thorabury, TN 56866
    Torp Inc
    Oral Littel
    Interior Decorator
    18691 Marietta Island
    Port Eveburgh, TN 92769-7933
    Wisozk LLC
    Paula Larkin
    Interior Decorator
    527 Corwin Tunnel
    Genesistown, TN 25186
    Bogan Group
    Reginald Kuhic
    Interior Decorator
    665 Schultz Track
    Port Queen, TN 05963
    Conn Group
    Onie Sipes
    Interior Decorator
    514 Pierce Path
    Port Odessaport, TN 66907
    Feil, Kirlin and Weber
    Talon Hand
    Interior Decorator
    5456 Toy Lodge
    New Pedroboro, TN 39768
    Mueller Inc
    Ryleigh Labadie
    Interior Decorator
    3180 Nikolaus Mews
    Mount Pleasant, TN 12935
    Gerlach, Bradtke and Armstrong
    Charley Hartmann
    Interior Decorator
    1357 Myah Shore
    East Laurianne, TN 66201-0150
    Lind - Langosh
    Francesco Reichert
    Interior Decorator
    786 Gerry Spurs
    Wymanland, TN 24252
    Kertzmann, Jacobson and Koss
    Lelah Fisher
    Interior Decorator
    38966 Margaretta Heights
    El Centro, TN 20272-2497
    Marks - Mosciski
    Emile Kuphal
    Interior Decorator
    907 Jude Wells
    West Alexannemouth, TN 93761
    Abbott - Torphy
    Claudine Rowe
    Interior Decorator
    22464 Maribel Harbor
    Santa Maria, TN 56284-1141
    Kemmer Group
    Sabina Hirthe
    Interior Decorator
    00160 Richmond Burgs
    Kovacekhaven, TN 24600-2397
    Virtuelle Home Staging
    Lisa Mason Minter
    Interior Decorator
    Memphis, TN 38125
    Ed Day Interiors
    Ed Day Designs
    With over 30 years experience in the interior design profession I have worked with many clients around the world, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe, South America and Canada as well as across the United States, some of which I have never visited in person
    PO. 538
    Madison, TN 37116-0538

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    Find a local portrait photographer in your area.
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    Drug Rehab Centers
    Find drug rehab centers in your area.
    Anderson Interior DecoratorBedford Interior DecoratorBenton Interior DecoratorBledsoe Interior Decorator
    Blount Interior DecoratorBradley Interior DecoratorCampbell Interior DecoratorCannon Interior Decorator
    Carroll Interior DecoratorCarter Interior DecoratorCheatham Interior DecoratorChester Interior Decorator
    Claiborne Interior DecoratorClay Interior DecoratorCocke Interior DecoratorCoffee Interior Decorator
    Crockett Interior DecoratorCumberland Interior DecoratorDavidson Interior DecoratorDecatur Interior Decorator
    DeKalb Interior DecoratorDickson Interior DecoratorDyer Interior DecoratorFayette Interior Decorator
    Fentress Interior DecoratorFranklin Interior DecoratorGibson Interior DecoratorGiles Interior Decorator
    Grainger Interior DecoratorGreene Interior DecoratorGrundy Interior DecoratorHamblen Interior Decorator
    Hamilton Interior DecoratorHancock Interior DecoratorHardeman Interior DecoratorHardin Interior Decorator
    Hawkins Interior DecoratorHaywood Interior DecoratorHenderson Interior DecoratorHenry Interior Decorator
    Hickman Interior DecoratorHouston Interior DecoratorHumphreys Interior DecoratorJackson Interior Decorator
    Jefferson Interior DecoratorJohnson Interior DecoratorKnox Interior DecoratorLake Interior Decorator
    Lauderdale Interior DecoratorLawrence Interior DecoratorLewis Interior DecoratorLincoln Interior Decorator
    Loudon Interior DecoratorMacon Interior DecoratorMadison Interior DecoratorMarion Interior Decorator
    Marshall Interior DecoratorMaury Interior DecoratorMcMinn Interior DecoratorMcNairy Interior Decorator
    Meigs Interior DecoratorMonroe Interior DecoratorMontgomery Interior DecoratorMoore Interior Decorator
    Morgan Interior DecoratorObion Interior DecoratorOverton Interior DecoratorPerry Interior Decorator
    Pickett Interior DecoratorPolk Interior DecoratorPutnam Interior DecoratorRhea Interior Decorator
    Roane Interior DecoratorRobertson Interior DecoratorRutherford Interior DecoratorScott Interior Decorator
    Sequatchie Interior DecoratorSevier Interior DecoratorShelby Interior DecoratorSmith Interior Decorator
    Stewart Interior DecoratorSullivan Interior DecoratorSumner Interior DecoratorTipton Interior Decorator
    Trousdale Interior DecoratorUnicoi Interior DecoratorUnion Interior DecoratorVan Buren Interior Decorator
    Warren Interior DecoratorWashington Interior DecoratorWayne Interior DecoratorWeakley Interior Decorator
    White Interior DecoratorWilliamson Interior DecoratorWilson Interior Decorator
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