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Midwest Staging Redesign Institute
Home Stager, Styler, Color specialist and Trainer ,
GraceAnn Simoni, the Midwest’s premier award-winning real estate staging expert, has 17 years’ experience training industry professionals and helping residents enhance the resale value of their homes. She has since trained hundreds of individuals in Staging and Redesign
1400 Deep Run Rd
Naperville, IL 60540

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  • Charles Neal Interiors
    charles sumlin
    Interior Decorator
    11192 Eton Ave
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    Hickle, Greenholt and Will
    Lavon Cartwright
    Interior Decorator
    3095 Van Overpass
    Hilpertmouth, CA 38597
    Brown Group
    Vergie Huels
    Interior Decorator
    2870 Angelica Parkways
    New Penelope, RI 19700
    details (Redesign and Staging)
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    I specialize in Real Estate Home Stagings, One Day Interior Redesign Makeovers (use what you have decorating), and decorating workshops and classes such as Dish on Design's, "Decorate Fabulously! workshop" in the greater Puyallup area of Washington State.

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    Koch - Sauer
    Tiffany Nader
    Interior Decorator
    319 Walker Brooks
    West Lamar, ID 94008-9690
    Kub, Kemmer and Veum
    Hazle Bosco
    Interior Decorator
    847 Marlee Walk
    Port Vadaberg, CO 79375-2983
    Corwin, Huel and Ankunding
    Marcos Yundt
    Interior Decorator
    8052 Osinski Course
    South Reinhold, NE 22704
    Barrows LLC
    Sherman Wiegand
    Interior Decorator
    525 Dewayne View
    East Jensen, IL 42104
    Nikolaus Group
    Evalyn Waters
    Interior Decorator
    58897 Jodie Roads
    Trompbury, FL 78305-7805
    Thompson, Lynch and Lehner
    Merl Schamberger
    Interior Decorator
    37476 Eldridge Via
    North Loraland, SC 60272-0770
    Graham and Sons
    Monica Auer
    Interior Decorator
    6239 Mariano Square
    Laurianeville, PA 90826-1696
    Johns Group
    Melissa Skiles
    Interior Decorator
    6094 Toy Roads
    Runolfsdottirstad, NE 73634
    Hauck Inc
    Dena Rolfson
    Interior Decorator
    190 Lebsack Route
    South Dell, NE 49391
    Bartoletti - Kertzmann
    Steve Balistreri
    Interior Decorator
    44070 Eda Lodge
    Rhiannonside, GA 24630-7395
    Walker Inc
    Ernestine Conroy
    Interior Decorator
    35975 Jan Grove
    Port Paris, OH 52026
    DeGangi Group
    The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration
    Get Certified! The industry's best training in Interior Decorating and Design. Our12-week online interior decorating certification course includes a 1 year membership in the professional organization, The Decorators' Alliance of North America.
    5115 Bellerive Bend Dr
    College Station, TX 77845
    The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration
    Haley - Waters
    Joel Feil
    Interior Decorator
    910 Cale Center
    Erdmanland, NE 78713
    Murazik and Sons
    Bernhard Pfannerstill
    Interior Decorator
    17790 Marvin Harbor
    West Deven, LA 60325
    Block - Eichmann
    Davin Kub
    Interior Decorator
    9723 Heller Extensions
    DuBuqueland, DE 91328-7868
    Schuster and Sons
    Gideon Stracke
    Interior Decorator
    4649 Jakubowski Springs
    Ewellton, NE 44511-5910
    Bayer - Stark
    Thurman Batz
    Interior Decorator
    6212 O'Reilly Stravenue
    East Dennis, OR 97833-2418
    O'Conner - Hessel
    Alan Wintheiser
    Interior Decorator
    8722 Emmerich Drives
    Bayerhaven, TN 00089
    Botsford - Kuvalis
    Esperanza Schmeler
    Interior Decorator
    8377 Green Stravenue
    West Olefort, NE 51440
    Sporer, Kohler and Rutherford
    Margarete Leannon
    Interior Decorator
    83114 Kuhn Shore
    South Marielle, VT 94318-2602
    Schuster, Okuneva and Fritsch
    Joshuah Reichel
    Interior Decorator
    828 Mozell Freeway
    East Kaleigh, SC 10061-6054
    Beer, Langworth and Barrows
    Austyn Roob
    Interior Decorator
    25614 Libby Greens
    North Murieltown, TN 54519
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