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Midwest Staging Redesign Institute
Home Stager, Styler, Color specialist and Trainer ,
GraceAnn Simoni, the Midwest’s premier award-winning real estate staging expert, has 17 years’ experience training industry professionals and helping residents enhance the resale value of their homes. She has since trained hundreds of individuals in Staging and Redesign
1400 Deep Run Rd
Naperville, IL 60540

  • training
  • Charles Neal Interiors
    charles sumlin
    Interior Decorator
    11192 Eton Ave
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    Witting Inc
    Amani Rodriguez
    Interior Decorator
    3203 Rodriguez Grove
    Boganmouth, OR 12484-2445
    The Academy of Home Staging
    Los Angeles Area Home Staging School
    The Academy of Home Staging provides the most comprehensive design and business development training available. After graduating, you will have the self-confidence and proven skills to begin staging immediately and further develop your skills to enter other lucrative markets like consulting for remodeling projects, model home design and interior redesign.

  • About Us
  • Los Angeles Area Home Staging School
    Zieme - Willms
    Kimberly Gusikowski
    Interior Decorator
    78425 Tianna Via
    Janaeton, NE 38639-0014
    Anderson Inc
    Treva Reynolds
    Interior Decorator
    914 Darwin Keys
    New Jessicamouth, AL 09924-4585
    Quigley Inc
    Kiera Auer
    Interior Decorator
    774 Donnelly Tunnel
    Dennisborough, ID 96350-1354
    Waelchi and Sons
    Neva Parisian
    Interior Decorator
    97566 Susana River
    Lake Marcosfurt, ME 22969
    Walsh, Cormier and Wiza
    Chester Crist
    Interior Decorator
    0471 Graham Inlet
    West Heloiseville, ME 04153
    Bartoletti, Pollich and Goodwin
    Cole Farrell
    Interior Decorator
    1277 Romaguera Forge
    Yonkers, HI 06716-7301
    Interiors Design and Decorating
    We offers unique, innovative, interior design & decorating services based on abundant talent & fifteen years of experience. We service Lehigh Valley, PA & surrounding areas. By listening to you, understanding the vision you have of your home, we are able to turn your vision into a reality.
    35 Woodrun Court
    Easton, PA 18042


  • Interiors Design and Decorating
    Price Group
    Johathan Volkman
    Interior Decorator
    828 Kendra Harbor
    South Sedrickfort, ID 73604-0386
    Weimann LLC
    Marian Kohler
    Interior Decorator
    872 Kautzer Parkways
    Mullerfort, NE 06393
    Interior Transformations
    Cheryl Cousins
    Interior Decorator
    P.O. Box 870501
    Stone Mountain, GA 30087
    O'Reilly, Schaefer and Douglas
    Boyd Hermann
    Interior Decorator
    9540 Abbie Greens
    West Adeliaburgh, WI 69843-3793
    Rosenbaum and Sons
    Kylie Adams
    Interior Decorator
    1745 Harris Roads
    Pascaleland, NE 56045
    Stmarys Interiors
    stmarys Interior Designers
    St. Mary’s interiors has undertaken and successfully completed Residential Interior Designs and Commercial Interior Designs for large number of projects ranging from traditional homes to offices and restaurants in Kerala.
    S. H. Mount P.O Kottayam-6 Near Nagampadom Temple Jn
    Kottayam, AL 68214

  • Interior designers in Kottayam
  • stmarys Interior Designers
    Mraz, Rutherford and Jones
    Selina Dibbert
    Interior Decorator
    469 Mckenna Point
    Port Franz, TN 11403
    Rolfson - Sauer
    Jovani Harris
    Interior Decorator
    50238 Alvera Stravenue
    Swaniawskiborough, ME 41037
    Haley - Waters
    Joel Feil
    Interior Decorator
    910 Cale Center
    Erdmanland, NE 78713
    National Redesign Institute
    National Redesign Institute
    We provide the highest standards of training within the industries of Interior Redesign, Home Staging and Decorating.
    14609 Killarney Lane
    Smithville, MO 64089
    Green Inc
    Fanny Simonis
    Interior Decorator
    911 Daisy Forks
    New Eva, ID 72832
    Simonis, Dickinson and Haley
    Kelsie Feest
    Interior Decorator
    1067 Allan Wall
    Tanyaview, SC 43805-3928
    Hauck Inc
    Dena Rolfson
    Interior Decorator
    190 Lebsack Route
    South Dell, NE 49391
    Robel, Shanahan and Funk
    Roscoe Heller
    Interior Decorator
    555 Rogers Corner
    New Domenica, CA 66150-9727
    Powlowski Inc
    Derick Fisher
    Interior Decorator
    5528 Ova Road
    West Miller, SC 70333
    Schuster and Sons
    Gideon Stracke
    Interior Decorator
    4649 Jakubowski Springs
    Ewellton, NE 44511-5910
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     Interior Designers/Decorators

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