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12/4/2008 - Posted by:
Rediscovered Interiors, LLC
Phone: 7634339224
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"...our clients love your work, and we love your work!  You are helping them sell their homes faster and for more money.  Plus you make it fun.  Your enthusiasm, the way you deal with people, and your staging tastes are excellent." -- Greenwell Realty, Oct. 2008

"We want to thank Amy & Julie for the great advice they gave us to help us stage our house for sale.  After making some changes and moving furniture around the house, it had a whole new look--IT SOLD IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!  We would definitely recommend their services.  Again thanks for the great advice--we didn't have time to paint (or take down wallpaper!)  Thank goodness--as we were looking for our house in Texas and seeing some of them we kept saying --'They didn't use Amy & Julie!'      -- S. Hernandez, Champlin, MN (Sept, 2008)

"Amy and Julie truely did a great job!  I love my bedroom and bathroom - just by changing the paint color, it gave the rooms a whole different warm and relaxing look.  The entire home looks more organized, cleaner and relaxing to come home to.  It was wonderful how they took the time to go over things with me, without feeling rushed.  It was also all neatly written down.  Thank you Amy and Julie!" -- Maxine C., Ramsey, MN

"We are so happy with the help we received from Rediscovered Interiors.  It was overwhelming to try to pick out colors from all the samples we were looking at on our own and they came in and made the process so much simpler.  We are so happy with the color and flooring in our new rooms!"-- Karine R., Andover, MN

"Wow, I love my house now.  I found my upstairs boring.  I didn't like anything about it.  Amy & Julie brought life into a dead space and now it is my favorite room. Thanks guys."-- Sandy S., Coon Rapids, MN

"I was at a block with trying to decide how to paint my walls.  I wanted several different colors but I wanted a consistent flow and I needed help deciding where to break them up.  The Rediscovered team helped me narrow my choices and decide how to break them up on the walls.  They helped me get over the "hump" that I couldn't get past for the last 5 years.  I am VERY happy with the results and would highly recommend their services.  Thank you Amy & Julie!"--Rachel M., Andover, MN

"Our living room had a much more sophisticated and cozy feeling after Amy and Julie rearranged the furniture, beginning by angling the sofa and making the fireplace the focal point.  Now the living area and the music area are more defined."--Marie R., Anoka, MN

"Rediscovered Interiors came and helped us pick out the paint color for our living room, main entry and hallway. They really took time to consider the woodwork, and various colors we had when helping choose the color.  Ever since the walls were painted, we have really been enjoying our new color and have gotten several compliments from others on the color choice too.  They helped us pick out our door color too, which helped to spruce up the outside of our house.  Then, they helped to redesign the look in our living room, using things we already had.  I seriously couldn't believe how much better it looked.  Before they came I couldn't imagine how they would possibly be able to do anything different in that room, and now the room is so much warmer and cozier that we enjoy being in there much more now!"--Karine R., Andover, MN

"My home is wonderfully put together and cozy thanks to Amy and Julie.  They grouped things together that I would never have dreamed of doing, but made so much sense.  They rearranged furniture and made little creative additions and subtractions of knickknacks that made all the difference.  They also painted my sons bedroom a very bright blue and incorporated colors that made the very old lime green shag carpet look good.  I recommend them to everyone!"--Kirstin S., Braham, MN

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