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IL Interior Decorator
Julea Joseph
P.O. Box 130
Palos Park, IL 60464
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    Reinventing Space

    Julea Reinventing Homes

    Why Hire interior stylist, Julea Joseph & Reinventing Space?

    Clientele focused, economical interior decorating, creative and innovative ideas are the backbone of Reinventing Space. We are the new generation of designer.

    Reinventing Space is a customer based design business in which clients are our main focus.

    Interior Arrangement is an economical and intelligent design service that balances, refreshes, and creates a new room design using existing furniture, art and accessories. Because an interior stylist "shops" your home, you never know what they'll find or create. The treasured antique secretary may become a focal point in your foyer - accessorized for a particular season or event.

    Don't have enough, or are ready for a change? Our creative and innovative ideas can help you make those decisions. Whether in need of a new color palette, updated furnishings, window treatments, or a few new accessories - Julea is there to help. We of course have access to-the-trade work rooms, showrooms, Artists and specialty Tradesman; but love to find an awesome piece at a local resale shop. Our goal is always to create a simply incredible room at a reasonable price.

    Our Goals As We Reinvent Your Space

    • Define and validate existing belongings.
    • Refresh and enhance your personal style.
    • Complete and enrich with additional items.

    Our Reinventing Services For Your Home

    Interior Arrangement- Love the things you already have!

     Most of us have wonderful belongings, from furniture we bought when we were first starting off, to items we've been gifted by loved ones, to fabulous finds found shopping.

    Interior Arrangement serves as the basis of our design philosophy. Using your existing belongings, we can artfully arrange and tailor your furnishings, art, lighting and accessories to depict your personality, lifestyle and character. Within a day, a room becomes balanced, functional and unified. Best of all, you get instant gratification, validate your existing pieces, and ready the space for family and friends.

    Interior Styling and Enhancement Services - The Art of the Mix

    Design Consultation | Color Palette Direction | Window Treatments |Product Shopping and Resource Partners

    Our second design philosophy is understanding how to get the right mix - when to spend it and when not to. The trick is getting that perfect balance of the wonderful pieces that will last you a lifetime and the "oh my gosh" triple red sticker find. Julea calls it the mix of "Rich and Poor."

    Today we are bombarded with interior design options by retail, media and the Internet. We are offered unlimited choices of home decor products and styles to choose from. With an educated eye, Julea will validate and guide you to make the right design purchases and choices. Your space will have your personal stamp, your color palette, and your unique collections that reflect your personality and lifestyle.

    Home Transitions - On the Move

    Home Staging | Empty Home Enhancement | Move-ins | Down or Upsizing | Household Combining

    Whether you are a homeowner, or a Realtor representing a seller, home transitions are exciting, yet a challenge. If you are getting ready to place your home on the market, what can you do to maximize its sales potential? What belongings should transition into a new home? Do you need to refresh your collection with new pieces? Reinventing Space will make this chapter of your life a pleasant experience. We will walk you through the entire experience from preparing your home to go onto the market, to making the new home uniquely your own.

    Learn more Home Staging.

    Speaking Engagements

    Julea speaks regularly at a variety of events, libraries, fundraisers and local groups and associations. Along with her unique design philosophy, high energy, and her enthusiastic personality her speaking engagements are always motivating and entertaining.

    Learn more about Julea's Speaking Engagements.


    Reinventing Space on time, below budget

    "Dear Julea,
    Thanks so much for the fantastic job you did decorating my new home. I was amazed at your approach of making all selections, shopping for, and installing all materials to make my home complete. Even the painter commented that nobody could transition paint colors the way you can.

    Time and time again, you've been a great asset to my sales force in your ability to "stage" homes for sale that were stagnant in the market. In some instances you've even rented furniture to facilitate a satisfactory sale for our clients.

    You performed on my scheduled time, at or below my set budget with absolutely no inconvenience to me. Incidentally, someone at my dinner party last Friday said she "felt like she was walking through a magazine". That made me so proud, and I owe it all to you."

    Bob Eberhardt, Broker/Manager, Coldwell Banker, Orland Park

    Reinventing Space
    Julea Reinventing Homes

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