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Laura Kakoschke
#97, 52472 Range Rd 224
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4R6
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    Hunter Lake Home Staging and Design


    Staging Your Vacant House

    Your empty house is like a blank canvas:  Once decorated to sell, it becomes a beautiful masterpiece.  Buyers will make an emotional connection the first vital step in considering a major purchase.

    When staging vacant houses, I take extra care with every detail to emphasize the unique positive features of every property.  You will not find a cookie cutter staging approach using generic art, or mountains of faux greenery...

    Your house will be decorated with attractive furnishings complemented by carefully selected art, area rugs, accent pieces, and even drapery panels over key windows.  These added touches are simply not standard fare in the home staging market.

    Staging Your Residence to Sell

    A staging consultation will give you a detailed assessment of the following 7 key aspects of your home:

    1. Curb Appeal
    2. Lighting/Window Coverings
    3. Furniture and Traffic Flow
    4. Closets and Storage
    5. Cleaning and Maintenance
    6. Art and Accessories
    7. Fixtures

    The consultation will give you a detailed plan of action to get your house market-ready.  Then, it's all up to you:  Put the step-by-step plan into action yourself or have the work done for you so you can focus on getting ready for your new home.

    Additional Design Services

    You may also wish to take advantage of the following valuable professional services when preparing your house to sell:

    • Open House Preparation
    • Floral Services
    • Color Consultations
    • Organization/De-cluttering
    • Personal Shopping Services
    • Trade Referrals
    • Furniture Sourcing

    Real Estate Consultations

    If you need assistance with the process of selling your house (by owner), sourcing a realtor, or have questions about how to find a reliable lawyer or mortgage broker, you will benefit by booking a consultation with Hunter Lake.  Laura and Dean, a husband-wife team, have bought/sold over 15 properties in the past few years and have a wealth of hands-on knowledge to share with anyone entering this high-stakes market.  Learn more about how to:

    • Sell your own home
    • Find and work with an experienced realtor
    • Purchase and manage investment properties
    • Find and purchase foreclosure properties

    You can avoid costly mistakes when you get detailed information from experienced real estate investors. Learn how you can maximize your return on every real estate transaction.

    Realtors and Home Stagers:  A Winning Combination

    In addition to homeowners, Realtors are fast realizing the tremendous benefits of working with a home staging service.  Of course, your clients will love selling their homes quickly at top dollar, but YOU, the agent, also benefit with:

    • Faster property turnovers - boost your bottom line
    • A reputation for HOT listings
    • Happy clients who are glad to provide referrals!

    We invite Realtors to Contact us today:  We can help your clients get top dollar for their listings more quickly!

    Today's real estate market is more competitive than ever - in a buyer's market, professional staging can make all the difference

    Hunter Lake Home Staging and Design

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