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Interior Designing – Tips & tricks for a Living Room

Living room at any residential structure is essentially the focus point for interior designing and decorating. True to its name, it is the room where people actually live. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to design and decorate it appropriately with a specific theme and under a specific budget. Since most of the time, it is the room that has the maximum dimensions, a much greater attention is required to its look. The living room designing becomes all the more important as it creates a lasting impression on the visitors about your house and you in general.
Let's go through some of the basic principles while designing a living room:
  • First and foremost, choose a design style. Reflect on your and your family's attitudes and choose a theme to work on. Some like vibrant themes, others like stylish, some adore ancient themes and some very modernized themes. So select your flavor and make a note to design every room on those standards.
  • It is very important to create a focus point in your living room. Focus point essentially means a certain area where the eye just grabs the attention first. Such a focus point should always have a strong color with spotlights to enhance and brighten the strong color at the same time. 
  • To make the space look wider and brighter, well-placed big mirrors are the best accessories. Place them a little lower on the walls as placing them high gives a restricted look to the living room. 
  • Using picture frames in certain sections can really give the room richness and beauty. Too big picture frames should be avoided for small rooms and they should be placed at a height comfortably below the ceiling to give a wider look.
  •  As said earlier, choosing the right color is very important. Whites and cream give illusion of more space while darker colors give the appearance of restricted space. However, keeping one stronger color on a wall and lighter colors on other walls brings an astounding effect.
  • Avoid using glossy paints as it shows more unevenness in lights. Matt color is always a good option.
  • Any type of flooring can be improved by just putting a darker or lighter rug to give your room a comfortable and cozy look.
  • For the couch, always place a contrasting cushion to it. This gives it a more interesting and brighter look.
  • Installing shade lamps with different colors such as amber or blue give a romantic look to the room.
  • Fireplaces add a touch of excitement but also give the space a shorter look. If space provides, fireplace should always be on the list and the more the depth, the better it is.
  • Wall mounted TV set is a definite yes but chose a size that is not too big or too small. A larger size can completely disarray the room, hence choose wisely. Framed photographs especially above a Table TV can work wonders for any living room.
  • The seating arrangement in a living room should always be facing each other. This creates a comfortable environment.
  • Try to use more glass surfaces as light reflects easily on such a surface. A stylish dining set or glass table in the center provides a brighter look and gives an open feel, while hard wood tables shrink the room.
  • It's always best to have a family picture placed either on the wall or at an attention grabbing space.
Hope these tips might help you in designing and decorating your living room. Last but not the least, never over-decorate the living room. Keep it as simple with minimum accessories as much as possible.

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