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...ER Designs | Every Room Designs for Every Budget
Amy Ross
3396 Woodland Dr
Murrysville, PA 15668
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    Er Designs

    Services & Fees

    With designs everything falls into place...

    All of designs services begin with a home assessment /design consultation $100  After your assessment we create tailored packaged rates for your organizational and design needs.

    Professional Organizing ~ A Professional Organizer is an individual who provides personal assistance, coaching, ideas and/or products to help others improve their lives. We create spaces that are free of clutter, neat and organized so that you can find what you need, when you need it  - helping to decrease stress, increase productivity and ultimately save you money!

    We provide confidential, nonjudgemental support to help you overcome and control your clutter, then establish new habits to achieve P.E.A.C.E. of mind and help make your house... finally, your home...

     Online Shopping ~  Shop for some of the best organizational products to help make life a little easier - enjoy some of  my favorites and see the featured product of the month! Order online or Learn how you can earn $75 worth of products by hosting a FREE in home workshop! Visit our new online catalog and Get Organized from AtoZ !   Click here

     Interior Redesign ~ The art of "One Day Decorating"   furniture rearrangement and accessory placement. We assess your space, address the function then empty the complete contents... we find (or create) a focal point and arrange the main pieces of furniture. Then at your discretion we 'shop' around your home for new pieces  to be used in the space. You never know what we may use!

    The idea of 'No Cost decorating' can be seen on HGTV's 'Decorating Cents' & 'Freestyle' but the results can be seen in your own home, the very same day!  We create a space that says 'you' by using what you already love. It's the easiest way to have a designer look and have money in your wallet!

    Packages Starting at $199

    Real Estate Home Staging for Resale Thinking of reselling your home? You know it needs updating, but not sure the best route to go? Maybe its been listed, you're not getting the offers you had hoped for?

    Realtors admit that homes that have been"staged"  sell quicker and get the most return.  We walk through and evaluate your home with a 'buyer's eye' addressing points that may need dressed up or dressed down for its public debut.

    You only get one chance to make a first impression ~ With our 100 pt checklist, nothing goes unnoticed ~ We can leave you to do the work or get it done for you.  Let us see what we can do to sell your house today!

    Consultation with Report $125          Staging Packages starting at $325

    Move In /Relocation Services Perhaps you just dont know where to begin to put your old furniture in your new space? Relocating is stressful enough ~ Our move in decorating services work with your movers on move-in day to make the transition easier. We unpack those pesky boxes, and place your things in the most convenient places. You have enough to worry about than where your coffee maker is...

    Settle in- stress free, so when you come through the door, it feels like home!

     Senior Downsizing ~ This process on your own, can be emotionally and physically difficult, because your home is filled with memories you are leaving behind. We can help ease he stress of dealing with the moving company, taking things todonation centers or arranging a yard/estate sale. Then focusing on your new home, our experience in design and space planning, we offer the support you need to help you choose what will "fit" your new lifestyle and we'll help you settle in to your new, maintainable space!

    Family Blending ~ Bringing Families & Furnishings together? We can objectively blend "His" and "Hers" and create a space that says "Ours". Let the hard decisions up to us, so you wont have to tell him the big ugly recliner has to go, and he wont tell  you how much he hates your pink flowered couch. 

    Adding kids into the mix? We help them feel that 'home is where they are'.  Fun & funky places for kids to have their own spaces !Call us in to assess the old space vs. the new. We will choose the essentials that will "blend" together best, lightening the load, saving you money in moving costs!

    Floor Plans $125 Initial Design fee includes 2-4 plans per room with furniture suggestions.   $75 each additional room

    Personal Shopping & Accessorizing Can't quite pull together the look you want? Maybe you dont even know where to start? We can help put your mind at ease and finish the space that you started by adding those extra special touches  or create a space from scratch that is uniquely 'You'.


     Holiday/Event Decorating ~ When you just dont have the time to do it all...    We are busier now than we have ever been and our "need to please"  has us saying 'yes' when we should be saying 'no, thank you'.

    Let us take over the details and let you enjoy that party you planned or bask in the glow of all the holiday trimmings.


    Er Designs
    ...ER Designs | Every Room Designs for Every Budget

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